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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wild Parrots of San Francisco not so wild anymore

Hey, look at that, it looks like my comments are still here after all! I would have thought Haloscan would have disabled everything by now. How about a new blog post, to celebrate something going right, for a change? ;)

The other day I was walking through the Financial District to go meet a friend in one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city, when suddenly, as I came up on a park, I heard all kinds of loud bird noises going on above me. I immediately thought "the parrots!!"

There are at least 2 flocks of wild parrots who have lived in San Francisco for the past 20 years. Years ago, the were afraid of people and would hide immediately when people came walking nearby. It looks like they're not shy anymore and they're louder than ever.

I looked up and there were dozens of them snacking on the trees (click on the photo below to enlarge and see more birds)

If you like birds (even if you don't), or are interested in San Francisco culture, or just want to see something a little different, I highly recommend the cute documentary entitled The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill by Judy Irving, feat. Mark Bittner. As a matter of fact, the movie is scheduled to air on PBS in May, so don't miss it.

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Blogger Jilly said...

Oh how fabulous. What beautiful birds and a superb shot amongst the blossoms. The expressions on their faces are priceless. Not so wild anymore as you say. I remember birds like this when I lived in Queensland. None around here tho (south of France).

11:15 PM  
Blogger AphotoAday said...

Holy cow! What a photo!

And I just wanted to throw in the name of Judy Irving -- after all, she is the one who actually made the film...

Did you catch Julie's (TangoBaby) edition of "I Live Here, SF" a month or so ago featuring Mark?

And believe it or not, Mark has a blog -- if anyone wants to get up close and personal with him...

I'll be sure to try to catch it on PBS when it airs next time... I never saw it in a theater, but when it aired a couple years ago I managed to get the entire thing on video tape, which I have since passed on to a friend. But I must have watched the film a dozen times, until I the tear-jerking parts just became too much -- I just couldn't bare to watch it again, but now, with time, I think I'll be ready... It has quite a love story going on as a sub-current...

But again -- you got a great shot of those squaky birds... A person wouldn't think that such a beautiful bird could make such a horrible screech...

6:31 AM  
Blogger Dolce said...

Effectivement ils ont l'air plutot tranquilles... Je crois que lors de mes courts passages a San Francisco, je n'y ai jamais fait attention !

7:56 AM  
Blogger Tomate Farcie said...

Hello Jilly and thank you for your visit! Oh, South of France, I guess that's a little bit of a flight for them. You never know, though. They did come here from somewhere and just elected to stay (like some expats I know ;)

Don: I'm glad you enjoyed this documentary. I think I got mine from Netflix, and yes I would agree that it is a love story. The end is really cute. Actually, I think this documentary speaks to a lot of people, whether or not you are interested in birds because of the humanity in it. I'll fix my link to include Miss Irving's name, and I'll check out Julie's blog some day. Didn't even know Mark Bittner was still in SF (didn't he say in the movie he was moving to the East Bay?)

Dolce: Salut! They look peaceful on this picture but they're really noisy and kinda "hyper."

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Brad said...

Hey TF, what an AWESOME photo - you captured so much character! I saw the documentary a few years ago and it was a great story.

Glad you're back to blogging!

11:50 AM  
Blogger geneline said...

Il y en a aussi dans le parc de Sceaux (près de Paris) et je crois dans pas mal d'autres villes (New York?)

11:05 AM  
Blogger claude said...

Bon retour dans la blogosphère, Tomate farcie !
Ils sont superbes ces perroquets !
Ils doivent se plairents dans ce quartier.
Bonne continuation !

12:28 AM  

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