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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Celebrate!!! (Video added)

Photographed on Market St., San Francisco, 6/29/08

According to KRON 4 (who covered the Gay Pride Parade today), over 1 million people showed up to celebrate today. Many people already have uploaded pictures. KRON4 has a slideshow.

See you next year! :-D

(This video is dedicated to Celine and Delphine)

More to come later!
Revenez dans quelques jours, il y en aura d'autres.

Also check out my photo blog.

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Anonymous Anthony said...

Once again: it's about time! ;-)

6:24 AM  
Blogger AphotoAday said...

Cool how you put that together... Snappy little tune too...
Recognized the three brides in the first shot, and of course Cindy Lauper (I understand she had a hissy-fit and refused to go onstage at the party)...

4:10 AM  
Blogger Tomate Farcie said...

Oh, did she? She seemed fine when she was in the car (smiling and waiving at the crowd) but when I watched the parade on TV that night, I noticed that she wasn't overly friendly with the KRON 4 journalist.

Thank for the compliment but Animoto does all the mixing for you, so all I did is upload a couple of pictures and select a soundtrack.

9:32 PM  

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