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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cherry Blossom Festival 2008 San Francisco

Every year, San Francisco Japantown celebrates Cherry Blossom Festival. It usually takes place over 2 week-ends. They have events and stands in Japantown both week-end, but if you want to have more fun, plan on showing up the day of the Parade.

I did, and I wasn't alone. A lot of people showed up ...

to look ...

to participate ...

to look and participate ...

The parade started at Civic Center

Ah, shucks, I had my camera on the wrong settings!!(1) The kids were so lovely, though, I just have to post these shots anyway!

The parade went up Polk, left on Post and ended up in Japantown, at Fillmore.

(OK, I'll admit these guys looked slightly out-of-place)

The entire event was a lot of fun, very uplifting. There was a lot of giggling and happy sounds coming from the participants of all ages in the parade.

Why, even the Police looked pretty laid back.

By the way, here is a little movie I shot so you get a better idea. Sorry, no sound.

I didn't have my backpack that day, so I didn't fill up on Japanese snacks this time.

Oh, well, another time!

(1) (begin snark mode) Dear Camera Manufacturers, could you please make the buttons on the point-and-shoots a little smaller, because right now, we can still see them somewhat. (/end snark mode)

* * * * *

Links and additional resources:

Official Link for Cherry Blossom Festival

Japantown official website.

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