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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Good Bye, Henri Salvador!

I've been so busy over the past few weeks that I only found out today that Henri Salvador passed away last month. For those of you who did not know Henri Salvador, here is a little something I found on YouTube to give you an idea.

Dans Mon Isle (1957), influenced by Antonio Carlos Jobim

Henry Salvador was an incredible comedian, musician, guitarist, singer ... in other words, an extraordinary artist. Like all the people of my generation in France, I grew up listening mostly to his funny songs (Juanita Banana, Zorro est arrivé, Minnie Petite Souris, etc.) and did not realize he was an accomplished jazz musician as well (some credit him for inventing the style Bossa Nova).

I probably did not fully appreciate Henri Salvador's talent until only a few years ago, when someone presented me with his most extraordinary album Chambre avec vue released a few years ago in France.

Even if you did not know Henri Salvador's name, perhaps, you've heard this song?

Thank you for all the moments of pleasure you gave us, Mr. Salvador.

Rest in peace!

Links and Resources (in French):

Article du Monde (en Français):
Henri Salvador, Couleur Brésil

Hommage à Henri Salvador (Arte)

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Anonymous Veronique said...

Merci pour cet extrait d'Henri Salvador. Le très bel album "Chambre avec vue" a été écrit par Benjamin Biolay, un jeune auteur-compositeur français à découvrir absolument!

9:24 AM  

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