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Monday, March 24, 2008

$650 for my old car? OK, do I hear $700? Anyone?

In California, we take the environment very seriously. We take it so seriously, in fact, that I just received a letter from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District offering me $650 for my old car.

$650 is not a bad offer for the 21-year old little piece of sh... I've been driving around for a lot years, so I must say, I'm really considering the offer.

But if you look closely on the letter (double click photograph to enlarge), note the following restrictions:

- Vehicle must be currently registered as operable and must have been registered as operable in the Bay Area for the past 24 months (So, they want to make sure the car is actually being driven, I guess that's OK).

- Vehicle must be in operating condition (same as above?)

- Vehicle must be able to pass their SMOG check if within 60 days or a required SMOG check... (Uh?)

OK, now I just have a question... You want to take my car off the road, that's great; but you also want to make sure it's fully operable, registered and in good condition, AND can pass a SMOG test to boot?

Now, now.. You guys wouldn't by any chance be thinking of reselling it some place else (like in another State?) where the restrictions aren't as stringent as California, now would ya?

Just kidding... Or am I? You gotta admit, these requirements (especially the SMOG one) beg the question. What do they care if it'll pass the SMOG if they really intend to get it off the road and junk it?

Also notice where it says on the letter "This is a partial list of requirements." What, there is more?!! Let me see. Should I have the car detailed inside out? How about a fresh paint job while we're at it? Full tank of gas, too?

Maybe if they'd consider giving me a decent rebate on a cute little SMART instead, I don't know ... oh, wait there is a year-long wait list for these cars...

As to giving up the car completely and getting into one of these
City Car Share program, I find that for the moment, keeping my old car is more economical, believe it or not.

So I don't know. What do you think?

* * * *
A couple of links:

City Car Share program

All the details on the Vehicle Buy- Back Program

More SMART cars photographs

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Anonymous Anthony said...

It doesn't really make sense... If they're really environment conscious and want to take polluting cars off the road, you'd think they would welcome the ones which don't pass the smog test even more! Weird...

2:12 PM  
Blogger Hyde DP said...

I'd be very cynical about this offer too.

2:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your photography is always very nice and I appreciate your visits. I will not comment more than this as I just got home from the hospital.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio

9:04 AM  
Blogger AphotoAday said...

Hi Tomate Farcie,

That "Smart" car looks pretty interesting, although I sure would hate to get into a wreck with one.   And about the City Car Share thing -- when they first started that I thought that it would never work, but it looks like it getting quite popular!

My Toyota Prius hybrid turned one year old last month.   I'm getting about 55mpg, but I realize that doesn't really authorize me to drive it twice as much.

Believe it or not, the price of gasoline in Bolinas is $4.38, but I don't think they expect to sell much gas at that price.   I've never seen a car gassing up out there, but I don't know if it's a joke or not.   I've heard the gas price at the one station in Big Sur is rediculously high also.

And about our State Government's intentions -- well you just never know what they might be up to...

--And by the way, I just noticed that your link on my blog has disappeared for some unexplicable reason -- I certainly wasn't intending to remove it, but I did do some reshuffling recently and I guess I goofed -- I'm sorry if you noticed and had been wondering why.   You are always one of my best commenters.   All the best to you!

7:29 PM  
Anonymous Laurence Modithre said...

Gas is so expensive these days - so expensive that even Hollywood stars are trading their Hummers for hybrids. And that is not a terrible idea at all. Get the Smart. It's a very good car. It's small but comfortable, and very reliable. A good investment, indeed.

11:06 AM  

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