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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Prop 8 passed, now what?

Anthony, this is for you.

Proposition 8 passed in California, now what?

Last night, a candlelight vigil took place in front of City Hall, in San Francisco (see the Chronicle article for further details and better photographs).

The mood was rather sombre and reminiscent of a funeral gathering rather than a protest.

I know some of you are wondering what is going to happen now, so I asked a couple of questions around.

Right now a couple of lawsuits have been filed and the issue is (again!) on its way to the Supreme Court.

I spoke briefly to the California spokesperson for Marriage Equality .org and was told to simply check their website for updates. To be honest, I get the impression that most people in the community are still somewhat in shock and not sure how to proceed. If you have ideas, want to volunteer or help further the cause in any way, Pride can always use your help and is right now soliciting your thoughts and ideas.

This is not over yet.

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Anonymous Anthony said...

Thank you for your kind post! Right now, I’m still very sad, and still very hurt, but I’m trying not to be angry, as this is not the kind feeling I want to be driven by. But it’s hard. I know it will take some time for me to recover. As of today, I still don’t know what will happen to my marriage. Attorney General Jerry Brown will work on defending the legality of the same-sex marriages that have already been conducted, but the sponsors of Proposition 8 won’t stop and are already working on invalidating my marriage. This will end up going to court and the process may take a very long time before I finally get to know where I stand. How cruel is that? Today, I really feel like I’m a second-class citizen.

10:03 AM  
Blogger L.C.McCabe said...

There's a conference call tonight with the Courage Campaign. You can RSVP for that on their website.


It is appalling that anyone's civil rights were ever put up for a majority vote.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Tomate Farcie said...

Anthony: Thank you for your comment. Gavin Newsom (mayor of San Francisco) has a political interest in this issue, so there may be hope there. I thought he might come out and give a speech of some sort last night, but he didn't, or at least not when I was there. He probably doesn't yet know what is going to do or say. I know it sounds lame but try to hang in there.

DCMcCabe: Thank you for the link and comment. I agree with you. Personally, I think amendments should be written only to grant or enforce people's civil rights, not to take them away.

Well-meaning people probably thought they were doing "the right thing" by voting yes on 8, without thinking for second of the precedent they were setting.

The way I look at it, religious principles of some have NO business being written into law. You have a dangerous, slippery slope, there. Whatever happened to separation of Church and State?

Personally, I find it ironic that Prop. 2 passed (to protect the rights of the chickens and farm animals) and Prop. 8 (to defeat rights of humans, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens) did!

11:11 AM  

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