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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama for President?

Photograph shamelessly stolen from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Let's get something straight.

I didn't always agree with the "Obama people's" vision, nor do I support the idea that he's the Great Messiah (as do many people around me).

In fact, the fanatism I have noticed in the local Obama supporters makes me a little nervous, if you want to know the truth.

But the alternative (seeing the McCain/Palin team in power) scares me shitless (especially Ms. Palin, since I'm being honest, here).

Soooooo, since I have to choose between being "a little nervous" and "scared shitless" I guess I'll be joining the Rednecks above.

Well, that's me.

And you, how are you going to vote? (Just kidding. You don't have to say! ;)

No pressure here, but the *whole world* is watching.

Will America do the "right thing" in November?

Also see the Chronicle's article "Rednecks for Obama defies conventional wisdom"



Blogger AphotoAday said...

Ok... You asked... So I'll tell you...

I will not be participating in the corrupt mess we call our government.

I will not add my support to an administration that thinks torture, no matter how you define it, is a valid interrogation technique.

And I will not be fooled by the hoax of 9-11. It is clearly evident that the Twin Towers and Building Six were not brought down by fire, as our government would like us to believe.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anthony said...

We hope America will do the “right thing”, and not only with the presidential general election. On the 4th of November, Californians will also have to decide if discrimination should, for the first time, be added to our constitution. This is a big deal.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Tomate Farcie said...

Don: Before I say anything, I must tell you that I have a great deal of respect for you as a blogger and as a person. But I don't know if I agree with your statement. Are you saying that you will not vote? Did I understand that right? That's too bad! Surely you have an opinion you want to express, if not on the presidential candidates, then perhaps on some of the propositions?

Well, I guess, one good thing about not voting is that is what you meant, is that they won't be calling you 6 times a day to tell you which way to vote or not to vote on the numerous propositions on the ballot!

I am kind of curious, actually. Does anyone really listen to these people?

And speaking of propositions ...

6:27 PM  
Blogger Tomate Farcie said...

Anthony: You wouldn't be talking about Proposition 8 by any chance?

Personally, I don't even know what Proposition 8 is doing on the ballot.

I mean honestly, does anyone really care what kind of contractual relationship 2 consenting adults enter into?

Seriously, don't we have more pressing problems right now to deal with? I don't know... all the more reason to get off my butt and go to the polls I guess.

I didn't vote for the longest time, but the thing about not voting is that you miss the opportunity of defeating sneaky stuff they try to pass when people aren't paying attention (sigh).

6:46 PM  
Blogger Françoise said...

About 5 years ago I read Obama's "Dreams For My Father" and was sufficiently impressed to decide that should he ever run for office I would do what I needed to vote for him.
Well, after 46 years as a "resident alien" I finally applied for citizenship and I will vote this time around.
Moreover,I can now vote on local issues that directly affect my community like and that feels good too.

All the same, I'll be so glad when all the hoopla is over and Ms Palin safely tucked away back in Alaska and may she stay there forever.frpolh

9:33 PM  
Blogger L.C.McCabe said...

I don't think of myself as being an Obama fanatic, but I have been a supporter of him since I first heard of him back in the spring of 2004.

I saw him on CNN shortly after he won the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate and I was impressed by how he held himself and how white farmers from downstate Illinois were captivated by him. They did not see color, they saw a man who spoke to their hearts.

Later I read a long article in The New Yorker magazine about him which gave a lot of biographical details which also impressed me.

So I was excited to see him speak at the 2004 Democratic convention and was not disappointed.

Anyway, I go into great detail about my reasons for supporting him in a post I wrote prior to Super Tuesday on my blog.
The link to that is here:


In regard to McCain, I lost all respect for him back in 2000. After the South Carolina primary to be exact.

He and his family had been slimed terribly by the Karl Rove whisper campaign/push polls. I was aghast when I heard what had been said and insinuated about his family, particularly his adopted daughter from Bangladesh.

I could not understand why he allowed a defeat in that primary to effectively be the end of his candidacy. I felt then and continue to feel today that he should have stood up forcefully on behalf of his family and decry those tactics as being beyond decency.

Instead, he basically conceded the nomination to G.W. Bush and began carrying his water.

I think McCain sold his soul at that point for the promise of future power and now has surrounded himself with those same miscreants who attacked his family with such viciousness.

It demonstrates that he has lost his moral compass, and that is why I have no respect for him as a person.

I thought that long before he became the nominee in this election cycle.

11:12 AM  
Blogger claude said...

Je ne fais pas de politique françaises sur mon blog mais j'ai décidé d'en faire sur l'amérique. LMercredi prodahin dans le cadre du ABC Wednesday, je ferai un post sur Obama. Je sens que je vais te rendre nerveuse.
Il y a quelques semaines, j'ai vu une Photo de Mrs Palin dans le journal. Elle m'a fait peur. Son visage portait une telle haine de je ne sais quoi que je me suis dit à moi même qu'elle ne pouvait pas, qu'elle ne devait pas devenir la co-présidente des Etats-Unis. A mercredi !

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Obama and I was a Republican until Bush was installed by the Supreme Court. That episode in Democracy did it for me and my relationship with the elephants.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Tomate Farcie said...

Thank you all very much for taking the time to leave a comment and thank you, LCMcCabe for taking the time to write your thoughts on that subject in such detail. I went to your blogpost last night but it was rather long and I couldn't finish it. I will go back and read it more carefully this week-end when I have a little more time.

Françoise, funny you should mention it, but Obama, like him or not, does have the ability to movitave people in doing things they wouldn't ordinarily do. So you became a citizen in order to vote for him! I rest my case ;)

Seriously, I am really impressed with the response Obama was able to get from young people, older people, people in the neighborhood who ordinarily wouldn't be caught dead associating with anything having to do with politics, all kinds of people really.

Some have been making their own signs and hanging them from their windows. I've seen garage sales and other small "fund-raising" events held by people like you and me to raise money for his campaign. I've seen people drive around with an enormous 6-foot picture of him rigged up on the roof of their car... (almost got into an accident trying to photograph it!;)

The point is, no matter how you feel about him, you've got to admit that he really can motivate people and so far he has already made a difference in giving people hope that their voice matters. I hope he can continue motivating people in making all necessary efforts and sacrifices we're going to need to make to get this country back on the right track, economically at least.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Elisabeth said...

I never put a sign on or near my house for a presidential candidate, until Obama was nominated. I was a Hillary supporter, but Obama has managed to motivate me - I hope he gets elected and won't disappoint his electorate.

As you know, the McCain/Palin ticket scares me shitless too.

8:35 PM  
Blogger L.C.McCabe said...

I wanted to add a few more thoughts on this subject. The fact that Obama's campaign has elicited financial support from over 3.1 individual contributors is amazing.

My middle-of-the-road Republican father-in-law made his first ever political contribution last month to the Obama campaign. So he is one of the 600,000 new contributions in the month of September.

He is so different from what we have come to expect from politicians and he inspires people to dream of a time when we can work together as a nation to solve our problems and not be divided by artificial barriers. We all need health care, clean water, clean air, safe roads and bridges, etc.

BTW, my most recent blog post is about the hilltop of village of Puycelsi in the Quercy region and I posted a picture of one of the vintage cars reminding you of your childhood.


Let us hope that next Tuesday brings us all good news.


9:54 AM  
Blogger Bergson said...

I think that the whole world votes for Obhama; but there are some indecisive in the USA

10:59 AM  
Blogger tangobaby said...

I don't think everyone that supports Obama is a fanatic or considers him to be a messiah. Those of us who have been watching Obama for a while now know that he's a human being like all the rest of us.

I do think that people can see what some semblance of honesty and speaking about issues can bring to this country that's been disrupted by an incredible amount of corruption and greed.

I was proud to cast my vote yesterday and hope that this country will recover from the Bush legacy with intelligence and foresight at the helm. Not fanaticism and extremism. I leave those to the Republican ticket.

1:58 PM  
Blogger claude said...

Merci pour tes commentaires sur mon post au sujet d'Obama. S'il et élu, j'espère qu'il fera de grandes choses pour les Etats-Unis., et, comme il paraît que la politique en Amérique est importante pour le monde entier, alors, le monde changera-t-il pour autant ?

1:11 AM  
Anonymous Anthony said...

Salut Tomate!

Je pense que cela doit etre pareille la ou tu habites: l’ambiance est devenue plus que detestable en Californie, surtout ces deux derniers jours… A la veille des elections, beaucoup de citoyens vont dans la rue pour agiter leurs panneaux. Ce ne sont pas des panneaux Obama ou McCain (on ne les voit plus), ce sont des panneaux anti-gays. On les voit presque partout! La Californie etant acquise a Obama, beaucoup de gens (religious nuts pour la plupart) considerent a present que la priorite est d’inscrire la discrimination dans la constitution californienne. C’est de la folie a l’etat pur. Je n’ai jamais senti autant de haine et, etant gay, je la ressent personellement. Quoi qu'il arrive, cela va laisser des traces. L’apotheose va avoir lieu samedi: les religious nuts ont reserve un stade entier (Qualcomm stadium) pour une journee non stop de priere pour que la proposition anti-gay (proposition 8) passe. Cette proposition a malheureusement beaucoup de chances de passer…

8:29 AM  
Blogger Tomate Farcie said...

Anthony, je t'ai ecrit un email. Let me know what you think.

11:35 AM  

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