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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pride 2006: 3 Videos (Updated) / 3 Videos de Fierté 2006 (Mise à Jour)

Well, I managed to get some pictures of Pride uploaded to Blogger last night, but it is a very, very slow process, so I decided to do this piece meal instead. We'll start out with the videos first and I'll do a separate and last Pride 2006 post for the pictures. (Please let me know if you think the videos make the blog more difficult to load on your end, OK?)

OK, j'ai réussi à télécharger quelques photos hier soir, mais ça ne va pas bien vite, alors ça m'a donné l'idée de faire ça par morceaux. On commence avec les videos. (Faites moi savoir svp si vous avez l'impression que les videos ralentissent votre téléchargement de ce blog, OK?)

First, here is a small 30-second video of the Dykes on Bikes, whom I have seen open up the Parade for as long as I can remember...

Voici pour commencer une petite video de 30 seconds des Gouines à Moto que je me souviens avoir vu ouvir les festivités depuis toujours ...

Pride 2006 San Francisco
Video sent by TomateFarcie

And then, of course, here is the flag ...
Bien sur, comment ne pas prendre le drapeau ...

Gay Pride San Francisco 2006
Video sent by TomateFarcie
If you look carefully you may be able to see people throw quarters onto the flag. I never realized until I filmed it close up last week-end how awkward that flag is to carry around. I'm guessing it's pretty heavy, too, especially if you have to march it all the way down Market Street!

Si vous regardez de prês, vous pourrez peut-être voir atterir les sous que les gens lancent sur le drapeau. Je n'avais jamais réalisé jusqu'à ce que je m'approche pour faire ce petit film ce week-end à quel point ce drapeau doit difficile à manipuler. J'imagine qu'il doit être aussi relativement lourd, surtout en déambulant sur toute la longueur de la rue Market!

And finally, my personal favorite ...
Et pour finir, mon préferé...

Pride 2006 San Francisco
Video sent by TomateFarcie
A very popular contingent: the magic balloons
Tres populaire: les ballons magiques!

* * *

(I might have to move the videos some place else in a few days when you guys are done playing with them, because I'm not sure how many videos I can load to this blog before reaching saturation. In the meantime, enjoy!)

(Je serai sans doute obligée de virer les videos dans quelques jours quand vous aurez fini de jouer avec, car je ne suis pas vraiment sure du nombre de videos que l'on peut télécharger sur ce blog avant de le saturer. En attendant, profitez-en!)


Anonymous Angelina said...

Tomate, did U know that Lesbian bike brigade demands trademark for club name?
And San Francisco will join lesbian motorcycle club in its drive to have its name trademarked by the US patent office.

DOB has led every Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco since the first procession(some 30 years ago!)
Thank's for the video!

NJ in LA...

12:13 PM  
Blogger brigetoun said...

pour le moment ça va très bien. Le pods du drapeau je ne sais pas mais déjà marcher avec une banderole et des gens qui n'ont pas tous le même pas c'est épuisant. Les ballons c'est formidale (moins quand on les voit de près)

2:25 AM  
Blogger buzzgirl said...

Cool videos! They don't make the page take any longer to load, by the way.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Elisabeth said...

Very cool stuff, Tomate. I bet it was tons of fun being there. Needless to say that my little Western PA town does not have any Gay Pride Parade.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Gabrielle said...

The good news is that the videos are actually hosted on Daily Motion, not Blogger, so you can never reach saturation, point. So, in the immortal words of KC & The Sunshine Band, "Keep it comin', love!"

2:31 AM  
Blogger Tomate Farcie said...

Angelina: I did not know that, thank you! (By the way, I've been having a real hard time loading your blog over the past few months. All I get is a blank page, and I can see who commented on the left, but not the comments. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong?!! I meant to email you about that...)

Brigetoun: Merci pour le feedback. J'imagine que le drapeau (rien que par sa taille) doit etre pire ...

Buzzgirl, thanks for letting me know!

Elizabeth: Yes, it was a lot of fun and I absolutely intend to do it again next year! Besides, they're a nice group of people to hang around with.

Gabrielle: Cool and good to know! I wasn't 100% sure about that. You can never tell sometimes. I know I'm having a heck of a !$!@#$ hard time uploading pictures on this blog lately, and I'm nowhere near "full capacity"...

"Keep it comin', love!" Roger that, and I will!

9:08 AM  
Blogger Gabrielle said...

Yeah, I was having a lot of trouble uploading photos over the past few days, but that issue seems to have resolved itself. Your GG Bridge shots are gorgeous, though, and I love your photo blog. I need to move to San Francisco!

1:28 AM  
Blogger Tomate Farcie said...

Thanks Gabrielle! Honestly, I was about ready to give up the blog over the past few days. Without being able to upload photos, it is just not the same :(

San Fancisco has a lot of charm, that's true! But it's also an expensive city to live in!

Thanks for the support and talk to you guys soon. I will try uploading photos over the week-end and see if that works better. I owe you guys a few Pride pictures, and of course, I wanted to start uploading some of the pictures from Paris... Bye for now.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

Yes tomate, you owe us more photos! :-) I like these mini-videos. They help give a sense of being there to go along with the text.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

P.S. No problem uploading angelina's blog here in Paris...

10:02 PM  

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