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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Elections mood

We're definitely in full pre-election mode in the States and a lot of people seem to be taking an interest this time (I guess 8 years of this current administration is enough to wake up almost everybody, uh?)

If the signs on people's windows, cars, or even their bodies (see above) are any indication of how people voted, it would appear that my entire neighborhood voted for Obama. But Hillary Clinton won California anyway, as you already know.

Even this Rockridge clothing store decided to decorate the window (double-click to enlarge photos) according to the general mood.

Note that the lady in red standing by Obama isn't running for anything (er., as far as I know ;). For those of you who don't know her, that's Oprah Winfrey (yes, the same one who threw a fit at the Hermes store in Paris last year.) They placed her next to Obama because she has declared her support to him early on. Sorry, Hillary, I guess they stuck your face behind the beam and I didn't manage to get you and the others in the same shot!

The guy sitting down on the left is supposed to be Edwards (who dropped out early). Next to him you can probably recognize the conservatives Giuliani, Huckabee and McCain, and then of course, Oprah and Obama, and a piece of Clinton's face. Mitt Romney (the Mormon conservative candidate) is nowhere to be seen on this display, but is that Captain Spock in the back? Hey, why not... remember, this is the country that elected Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwartznegger ...

Advertisement from Beach Blanket Babylon, saying
"Thank you Mr. President for 8 years of Box Office Gold."

A lot of people are somewhat anxious to see who's gonna to be left standing for the big show down in November. Believe it or not, some people might even miss the current President (ah, come on, let's face it, he did provide an endless supply of material to comedians all over the world!).