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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OK, so I have been in touch with Haloscan and this is what they told me:

We've checked the Haloscan database and didn't find your comments,
unfortunately. All such old comments are lost, we are unable to ind or
recover them.

It's one of reasons why we started the upgrade process from Haloscan
to Echo - we are trying to save the comments:

Please accept our deepest apologize for such a situation and for all
the inconveniences it might cause, but Haloscan is physically starting
to fail (the software and hardware).
Sincerely yours,
JS-Kit Team
(GMT +3)

I guess that means my comments will continue to appear here for a while, until they disappear, if or when they do ... nobody knows. If eventually my commenting window stops working, then I guess I'll have to migrate my stuff to another template ... I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Well, that's the blog update.

To be honest I feel a little bit like my blog right now. Things have been unraveling all around me and I am facing some tough personal decisions at the moment, which make it very difficult to concentrate on anything else, including writing blog posts.

Maybe it's time for a little blog vacation while I put out fires around me in the rest of my life.

I'll be back.

Tomate Farcie, living to fight another day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Can anyone help ?

OK, so I've decided to take Le Piou's advice and export my comments for now.

Only HaloScan won't even let me get that far!!

It claims that there are a 3 codes which prevent the export from taking place:

Line 121, Column 6: end tag for element "div" which is not open
(/div)✉ (I put parenthesis instead of the brackets so it shows)

The Validator found an end tag for the above element, but that element is not currently open. This is often caused by a leftover end tag from an element that was removed during editing, or by an implicitly closed element (if you have an error related to an element being used where it is not allowed, this is almost certainly the case). In the latter case this error will disappear as soon as you fix the original problem.

If this error occurred in a script section of your document, you should probably read this FAQ entry.

Line 121, Column 6: XML Parsing Error: Opening and ending tag mismatch: body line 18 and div
Line 137, Column 7: XML Parsing Error: Opening and ending tag mismatch: html line 3 and body

Is anybody savvy enough to tell me where on my template Line 121, Column 6 and Line 137, Column 7 are on that template?!! I just went through the whole template and didn't see anything suspicious. To be honest, after you go through a dozen lines of codes, your eyes start crossing...

The commenting section should keep working for a day or two, if not, my email is wide open :D

Haven't figured out yet what I need to do to revert back to Blogger's default commenting section, but I'm working on it, so don't panic, I'm not going anywhere just yet.

Thanks for any help.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some News - Quelques Nouvelles

Hello everybody, sorry to be so absent from the blog lately.

I have been using a BlackBerry mobile device to connect to the Internet lately and do not have access to all the features we all enjoy on a regular computer (not to mention the screen is minuscule). I still check out blogs, but I can't comment, right now, especially on blogs using captcha (the spam filter). Haven't yet found a way around it.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to warn you that I may lose all my comments on this blog pretty soon.

I have been using a service called "Haloscan" for a long time now, but Haloscan notified me that they are moving to another platform and I must either 1) go to a paying version if I want to keep my existing comments on the blog, or 2) export all my comments for safekeeping (but then what do I do with them?!!) or I will eventually lose them.

I suppose it would be OK to go to a paying version, but I'm not even sure what it does yet, other than it's more integrated with many social networks out there such as Facebook, Buzz, etc.

I've looked into it a little bit and I'm not really optimistic about being able to migrate all my comments back to Blogger, just yet, so if you see all the comments disappear for a while, that's what's going on.

I have a few days (until Feb. 18) before they pull the plug on me (they gave us a very short window to get it done), so don't be too surprised if you come back and there is no comments at all.

Grrrrrrrrrrr.... don't you just hate it when you think you've got something all worked out and then, they go and change everything on you and you gotta reinvent the wheel all over again?!!!

By the way, if anyone of you still uses Haloscan and has figured out how to successfully import the comments back into the Blogger default commenting system, or has a better solution, would you please let me know?

If the commenting system on this blog doesn't work for a while, you can always reach me by email (on my profile) or on Facebook.

I just don't know at this point what I'm going to do.

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