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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog on vacation

My apologies to everybody for not visiting your blogs lately. By the time you read this post, I will be on vacation or on my way and this time, I am NOT taking my computer with me. Somehow, I think I will manage to survive.

Anyway, I guess I have no choice but to put this blog on hiatus until June 15.

Be well!

PS. Yeah, I'm flying Concord ;)


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bay to Breakers

Bay to Breakers 2008

Approximately 65,000 people showed up for Bay To Breakers in San Francisco yesterday, despite the heat wave (temperature in the 90's), and the promised crack-down on alcohol and public urination.

Bay to Breakers is an annual 7.6 miles foot race, starting at one end of San Francisco, and ending on the other side of the City, "where breakers crash at Ocean Beach."(Wikipedia) For some it is a serious running race; for the vast majority, it is an opportunity to dress up in wild costumes, hang-out with friends, and party.

That day, you will see people drinking in the streets and nobody try to stop them. Well, at least that was the way it was for years and years. Last year, however, some of the kids *really* went overboard and really trashed the course by leaving a *huge* mess behind and urinating everywhere, and I do mean everywhere!! So this year, the City had to step in and attempt to curb the excess somewhat.

I'm not very good at taking photographs in a crowd, but the local paper has a few good ones right here. The photographs above and below were taken during last year's Bay to Breakers.

More about Bay 2 Breakers on Wikipedia and here.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bike to Work

Thursday, May 14, is Bike To Work day .

I put air in my tires, even found a helmet that seems to fit me at a garage sale, and replaced the old seat that used made riding my bike impossible so uncomfortable. But biking downtown San Francisco's Financial District takes real skill and I'm not sure I'm up to the task, to be honest.

This is not my bike, by the way. This one is much prettier! It does say "no parking" on the sigh because they clean that side of the street a couple times a month, but it doesn't say anything about parking on the sidewalk, so I'm pretty sure that bike is safe where it is, well for a little while at least! ;)

Additional photographs of Bike To Work Day, and article in the local paper here

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